Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Review #13 ~ Words That Start With B

Hi everyone! So I've read quite a few good books when I was in L.A. (I will be writing more reviews later.) and this is one of the best.
This is Words That Start With B by Vikki Vansickle.
It is about this girl named Clarissa who is just starting Grade 7, and she expects it to be the best year ever. Her and her best friend Benji had long awaited the year when they will have Mrs. Ross-the best teacher ever. She is the most liked teacher in the school, and the time has finally come when they would be able to enjoy school. Unfortunately, Grade 7 turns out not to be as great as she thought that it would be. Clarissa's life suddenly gets thrown into distress as things at school and at home are turned upside-down. Mrs. Ross is suddenly gone, and is replaced by lame and boring Mr. Campbell, which defeats the whole purpose of anticipating the Seventh Grade for only her entire school life. She develops some feelings for a certain boy, and makes a friend of the person she hates most. Everything is confusing for Clarissa, and she tries to make sense of it all as she goes through something like the worst moments of her life so far.
This book was amazing. I loved the fact that every part of it was realistic, and that Clarissa went through some of the events that all of us have been through a few times. You could really relate to it throughout the whole book. I absolutely loved it!